Our clients operate in many different areas. Here are just a few of them:

A quarterly magazine bringing postive news stories from around the world
Emerge offer a wide range of colourful, labelled waste and recycling bins and lockable confidential waste storage consoles for business and domestic.

Our clients have the following structures:

They operate in the following sectors:

  • Housing – registered social housing providers, mutual home ownership societies, housing co-operatives, community land trusts
  • Media – community owned media organisations
  • Campaigning – campaigning charities and organisations
  • Energy – community owned renewable energy
  • Retail – community owned shops and worker co-operatives
  • Food – growing and food production
  • Social – migrants, poverty, homelessness
  • Arts

And get funding from:

Our clients by sector


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Creative Arts
Housing and Spaces
  • Positive News - A quarterly magazine bringing postive news stories from around the world
    Positive News
  • Together TV
  • Community Broadband - Development and promotion of transformational digital infrastructure
    Community Broadband
  • Firelight Housing Co-op - A housing co-opertaive providing housing across seven properties in the Woodhouse area of Leeds
    Firelight Housing Co-op
  • Heart of Hastings - Work by buying property into community freehold
    Heart of Hastings
  • Stretford Public Hall - Friends of Stretford Public Hall was formed in 2015 to take on the ownership and running of Stretford Public Hall for the benefit of the community. It is a charitable community benefit society that is democratically run by its members on a one-member one-vote basis.
    Stretford Public Hall
  • Actors group - A co-operative acting agency based in Manchester representing actors working in theatre
    Actors group
  • One Tribe
  • Corporate Watch - Corporate Watch is a not-for-profit journalism
    Corporate Watch
  • The Black Fish - An international marine conservation organisation on a mission to change attitudes towards our precious oceans and to work on protecting the unique life within them
    The Black Fish
  • Co-ops UK - The network for Britain's thousands of co-operatives working to develop and unite member-owned businesses
    Co-ops UK
  • The Motherhood Plan - This is a safe space for mothers to tell their stories of pregnancy or maternity discrimination and to receive the support and protection they need
    The Motherhood Plan
  • Envirolution - A cooperative that is working to make Manchester better by promoting all things environmental.
  • Migrant support - A charity that aims to support most vulnerable migrants living in GM
    Migrant support
  • Green Paw - An animal welfare charity
    Green Paw
  • Leeds Bread Co-op - A worker co-op bakery making bread for wholesale
    Leeds Bread Co-op
  • Unicorn Grocery - A worker co-operative supermarket in Chorlton providing organic and vegan fare
    Unicorn Grocery
  • Moss Brook Growers - A sustainable
    Moss Brook Growers
  • Kindling Trust - working towards a just and ecologically sustainable society. We work with communities
    Kindling Trust
  • Community Renewable Energy Wandsworth - A society dedicated to delivering renewable energy and efficiency across south west London
    Community Renewable Energy Wandsworth
  • Emerge recycling - Emerge offer a wide range of colourful
    Emerge recycling
  • Ross Rowing - Ross Rowing Club is a non-profit making organisation that provides opportunities for social and recreation activities for members and their guests
    Ross Rowing
  • Share Energy - Grwoinmg the community renewables sector by using existing resources where possible
    Share Energy
  • The Vegan Society
  • Permaculture Association
  • Ethical Consumer