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"Third Sector Accountancy Ltd. is a dependable firm. Their broad expertise has always guided us to make the right decisions. They patiently answer and explain our queries despite the complexity. Their collective knowledge assists us with the better running of our business."
Laura Marziali - Unicorn Coop
Third Sector Accountancy specialises in organisations with a social purpose including charities, cooperatives and social enterprises. We’re lucky to be involved with some amazing clients who are doing great things.
"We have worked with TSA for the last four years. As a small and relatively new charity we really value the help, support and advice they provide to ensure that our accounts are accurate and submitted on time."
Matthew Maouati - Westcroft Community centre
Third Sector Accountancy provides a range of financial services including accounting, audits, bookkeeping and payroll.
"Third Sector Accountancy provide a professional, thorough and accurate service. Their knowledge of the co-operative sector is second to none. We have been particularly impressed by their ability to quickly understand unusual structures and they often go the extra mile - checking anomalies or drawing our attention to potential issues as they arise."
Jon Hallé - CEO, Sharenergy
"African Activities CIC is a busy organisation with very limited in house financial knowledge. In an accountant we need proactive, calm and clear guidance. Third Sector Accountancy have been excellent, and have a deep understanding of our organisation and our needs. In addition to providing our accounts, they have been excellent in keeping their eyes open for funding opportunities we may be able to apply for. We thoroughly recommend them."
Lotte Bakoji-Hume - African Activities CIC
As chartered accountants, we undertake rigorous training and continuing professional development. We offer a high level of expertise and experience to our clients.
"Reliable, responsive, flexible, with deep experience and offering solid counsel, we are very happy with our relationship with Third Sector Accountancy, and have recommended them to other organisations."
Alex Kann - Together TV

About Us


We are a firm of Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors offering accountancy services primarily to those with the not-for-profit and co-operative sector. We work with co-operatives, community interest companies, community benefit societies, and charities throughout the UK. Although our office is in Manchester, we have staff around the UK (and Germany) and run a paperless office. We are currently a team of fifteen, able to offer a wealth of accounting, auditing and book-keeping experience and skills


We are a value-driven organisation, and our primary purpose is to support and encourage positive social change by providing quality financial services. We started 5 years ago as a group of friends determined to help make the world a better place by using their expertise to provide top quality financial services to social change organisations. 


You can read more about our vision and how we aim to achieve it here.


While the firm itself is new (formed in 2017), the individuals involved have extensive and long-standing experience of the sector. We value experience in the third sector. Almost all staff have personal experience of working for co-operatives and charities in finance roles; and of setting up co-operatives and raising finance for them using loan stock, or community shares and taking advantage of the investment tax reliefs available. We have a commitment to sharing our experience and expertise so that we can help promote growth in the sector.


We are uniquely organised as a worker co-operative. This means that all staff are highly motivated, interested in the sector and in their clients, and take ownership of their work. We believe that being a co-operative leads to a better outcome for us and for our clients.


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Use your accountancy skills for good...

Are you fed up with helping wealthy individuals and corporations save tax while we face a looming climate crisis, while trillions are looted and stashed in offshore tax havens, while inequality ramps up and migrants are imprisoned in camps the world over? Help us to help the people who are doing something about it.

If you are interested in becoming part of our dynamic and fast growing practice, drop us a line.

Why choose us?

Because we are chartered accountants, you can expect a high level of training, integrity and experience. Rigorous training is followed by ongoing CPD to ensure that we are up to date with all the latest regulatory, tax, and software developments. When your accounts are prepared by Chartered Accountants, people such as funders and lenders are more likely to trust them.

Cloud based

Our practice is online, using accounting and other software that enables us to be accessible to our clients anywhere. Let us help you into the cloud so you can discover its advantages.

Pragmatic Approach

We have significant experience working within, setting up, and raising finance for co-operatives and other social enterprises. We are not detached professionals; our support is practical, relevant and appropriate.


Our experience of the sector means that we or our clients have probably already dealt with the conundrum you are facing – and we will be able to share an appropriate solution.

The DetailsHow we work with you

  • 1: Meeting and planning

    Meet with you - free initial meeting to discuss what your needs are and what you hope and expect from the relationship. Whether this is pure compliance - jumping through regulatory hoops - or helping you create, manage and understand your financial information so that is is useful for you and enables you to do do what you are best at. We can agree deadlines, costs, what you need to supply and what we need to do when.

  • 2: Management and follow through

    We set you up on our online systems which ensure that all deadlines are adhered to and work is managed properly. Tasks are assigned to members of our growing team. We want to work closely with our clients so that you feel that we are part of your team. All work is reviewed and we communicate regularly with clients via phone or email.

  • 3: Regular contact and advice

    We aim for regular contact so that you consider the regulatory, tax and other financial aspects of what you do before important decisions are taken. No matter where you are we aim to meet you face to face at least once a year to discuss ongoing service provision. We are excited to be a part of what you do and to be there helping to make it happen.

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We are here for youAlways at the end of the phone, ready to answer your questions and share our experience