Fair Tax Mark Statement of Third Sector Accountancy Limited (July 2022)

This statement of Fair Tax compliance was compiled in partnership with the Fair Tax Foundation (“FTF”) and certifies that Third Sector Accountancy Limited (“the Company”) meets the standards and requirements of the FTF’s UK Small Business Standard for the Fair Tax Mark certification.

This statement has been compiled in accordance with our wider vision, values and aims as an organisation in which we believe in a world in which compassion, cooperation and autonomy are the guiding principles, rather than greed and competition.

As part of our provision of tax services we promote transparency, fairness and ensure we do not advise clients to do anything that gains a tax advantage that is not within the spirit of the law. We recognise the importance of practicing what you preach and as per the below statement we are committed to paying all the taxes that we owe in accordance with the spirit of the law and feel that is important for ourselves to be transparent and open regarding our own tax affairs.

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