Outsourced finance management

Doing what accountants ‘really’ should be doing ☺!

How often do you wish you had a Management Accountant or a Finance Director working with you to help keep on top of your current financial situation, produce reports for the board which are ‘trustee-friendly’, keep a financial eye on future developments, grant spending, budget performance, how new rules and regs might affect you … in short a partner to you when it comes to all matters ‘financial’.

Many smaller organisations cannot afford to employ someone to perform this role and therefore struggle to manage their finances and indirectly their operations due to lack of a dedicated person.

We at TSA could be that dedicated person to work with you.

Having worked in our ‘previous lives’ for companies, charities and co-operatives in a variety of different individual roles we have a combined 140 years of diverse experience as Management Accountants, Finance Managers, Operational Managers, Co-op members, in a wide and varied range of industries.

We consider it an important part of our work to help you have financial oversight and would be very happy to discuss how we can support you.