Childcare Voucher Scheme is closing on 4th October 2018 – last chance to make savings!

Childcare Vouchers allow you to pay up to £243 per month to a childcare provider: the £243 is deducted from your gross pay. Therefore you save tax and Employees National Insurance, and the employer saves Employers National Insurance. This means the employee saves up to £933 per year in cash terms (£1,866 for two parents). It is more beneficial than …

More co-ops? A report on how to make it happen

The New Economics Foundation (NEF) has launched an independent report, commissioned by the Co-operative Party, setting out an ambitious vision for a UK co-operative sector double the size it is today.

How to prepare Charity Accounts

We have had over a year of the new SORP now so mist charities should already have prepared accounts under the new regime. In case you missed it, the Charity Commission published a guidance sheet on implementation issues earlier this year, which contains advice on common quandaries encountered. The sheet is advisory only. The new disclosure of funds received as …

Charity Governance Code

The good governance code was updated earlier in the year. It is not too long, is well written and readable and is a really practical guide on how to do a good job as a charity trustee. It has been developed by a group representing various different national charity organisations and is free to access.