Positive Social Change

What is positive social change?

Not all change is good and not everyone agrees about what is positive. So hear is what we mean:


  • addressing poverty and social exclusion
  • working towards a more equal society
  • enabling and encouraging participation in the arts
  • enabling and supporting healthy lifestyles, physical activity and good diet
  • campaigning against and educating people about prejudice around gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or cultural background
  • promoting co-operation and the co-operative economy, in work and housing
  • promoting local community control and management of community assets
  • building an alternative media owned by the people to counter the media barons


  • campaigning and educating for a more sustainable economy
  • promoting and campaigning for sustainable agriculture, transport and housing
  • promoting renewable energy and low carbon lifestyles
  • encouraging localism
  • supporting reducing, reusing and recycling


  • promoting vegetarianism and veganism
  • campaigning against the use of animals in vivisection and entertainment
  • supporting and managing sanctuaries for animals